This is the website of the Victimology module running in the 2014-15 academic year at Loughborough University. For details about the module convenor, Dr Louise Grove, please visit louisegrove.com

Module Aims

The aim of this module is to introduce students to victimology. An understanding of the risk factors related to victimisation, and predictability of these victim risks will be developed. Students will be introduced to policy implications of victim behaviours and expectations. The links between offending and victimisation will be presented, and students will be urged to critically examine such links. Case studies will be used to illustrate specific elements of victimology.

Learning Outcomes

In terms of knowledge and understanding, on completion of this module students should be able to:
– Demonstrate knowledge of victimology as a discipline.
– Apply relevant theoretical perspectives in their own critical and multidimensional analyses of crime victims.

In terms of subject-specific skills, on completion of this module students should be able to :
i) Intellectual/cognitive skills:
– Critically discuss the risks for victimisation.
– Undertake independent study and further reading using traditional and electronic sources.
ii) Practical/subject specific skills:
– Study particular cases informed by general frameworks of analysis.

In terms of key/transferable skills, on completion of this module students should be able to :
– Engage in critical reasoning.
– Communicate effectively in speech and writing.


Lectures are interactive, 2-hour sessions. Students will be expected to contribute to discussions in both small and whole group settings.

Self-directed study

Students are expected to read around the subject, using the reading list as a springboard to explore Victimology in greater depth. In addition, weekly tasks are set for completion. These typically involve reading a set text and answering related questions. You will occasionally be expected to listen to or watch a programme as part of a task for this course. These will normally be linked to directly from this website

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