Coursework: FAQ


What is the referencing style?


When is the deadline?

Thursday 11th December, 4pm.

How do I submit?

Both online and hard copy. There will be a Turn It In submission option on the module page, and hard copies should have a coversheet attached before posting through the letterbox on 4th floor of Brockington Building.

Please put both your student ID number and module code on your essay.

How should I present the document?

Size 12 font, Arial, 1.5 line spacing, standard margins

What jurisdiction should I focus on?

Write about the criminal justice system in England and Wales. You may draw on information from other jurisdictions, such as the United States, but talk about how these policies could be used in the local context.

Do I need to talk about the whole criminal justice system?

No, if you would prefer to focus on specific elements, that is fine.

Do I need to talk about victims in general, or can I focus on e.g. hate crime victims?

If it makes your argument more coherent, please feel free to discuss how specific victim-types may be treated in the criminal justice system.

How much space should I give to writing about the criminal justice system?

Only as much as necessary to make your point – don’t go off on a tangent and run out of space to make your main points.

I’ve never studied the criminal justice system before – how can I get up to speed?

A good starting point is the video series on

A brief overview of various elements of the CJS is available here:

I have a different question…

Ask your question via the forum at