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Judy Finnigan sparks outrage over Ched Evans rape comments – ITV News

Convicted rapist Ched Evans may be returning to professional football on his release from prison. Whilst discussing the issues surrounding whether someone should be able to return to their career after prison, Finnigan reportedly said of the rape: ‘He didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person’ and that the victim ‘had far too much to drink’. Judy Finnigan sparks outrage… Read more →

Missing children – hidden victims?

Interesting opinion piece on Missing White Woman Syndrome – why do some missing children receive greater media attention than others? A child is reported missing in the UK every 3 minutes. Every one matters as much as Alice Gross – Abi Wilkinson – Mirror Online. Read more →

Vicarious liability

Title: Unreliable Evidence
Channel Name: BBC Radio 4
Date: Wednesday 12 Dec 2012 at 20:00
Description: Who’s to Blame?: In the wake of recent abuse stories, Clive Anderson discusses the legal liability of organisations for the crimes and misbehaviours of people who work for them.